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Use of this website

The company Foooble (located at Frankensteeg 10A in Zutphen/Netherlands (7201 KN) registered at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands under the number 08162350, provides its visitors to be informed about sportstournaments, its organizers to register their tournaments on the website and to register a team as a tournament visitor and to get in direct contact with the tournament organizers. Foooble is wherever under no circumstances involved by any agreement between the visitor and the tournament organizer. This means that Foooble is not a legal party at the moment that an agreement takes place.

The tournament organizer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information about its tournament that he publishes on our website. Foooble does not give any advice or permission regarding the quality of the tournament and the way the tournament is published. 

Foooble is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of its website and caused by:
- participation, cancellation or visiting of a tournament published on its website;

- unavailability, incorrectness or incompleteness of the content of the website.

- published pictures, images, texts, and/or other content by a third party with the exception of the responsability by Foooble according to the Law 6:196c BW
Foooble is not responsible for the content of websites and/or services of third parties that are published on its website.

Contact information of the tournament organizers or the interested leaders on our website is exclusively for use by visitors interested in tournaments published on our website. The services of Foooble are exclusively available for personal use and not for commercial use. It is not authorized to use the published information for webcrawling, deeplinking, copying, downloading or for commercial and competing activities. 


Content of the website

No rights can be deriven, in any form, of the content of this website (among others the information published about the tournament organizers coordinates, advices about how to organize a tournament). Although Foooble does its utmost to be as accurate as possible regarding publishing the right information on its website, errors are not excluded. One can not derive rights on published texts. In case you hesitate about the accuracy of any matter, we advise you to contact the Foooble servicedesk (by email: or by phone: +31 (0)62299 6769)


Intellectual property rights

in case noted otherwise, all intellectual property rights of the content of this website (including, but not exclusively, the texts, pictures and audio visual material) belong to Foooble. These rights are expressly reserved. Without written authorization of Foooble beforehand, it is not permitted to publish and/or copy this website or its content except for personal and for non-commercial use.

In case the intellectual property right of specific content belongs to a third party, Foooble does have the permission to publish its information on its website. Without authorization of this property right owner, it is not authorized to publish and/or copy this content. 

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