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Tips for team leaders looking for a tournament on Foooble 

  1. Foooble has been created with the purpose to bring as many players as possible on sports field in all countries. Foooble is a free service for team leaders to find the right tournament inside of outside your country.  Foooble provides the possibility for tournament organizers and team leaders to find each other
  2. If you are looking for a tournament, start checking your requirements and needs for your team. The choice you are going to make depends on different elements: location and distance, level, size, regional, national or international character of the tournament, number of tournament days, number of matches per day, accommodation possibilities and also the costs.  
  3. At the moment you find the right tournament for you, check whether there is a place left for your team in your age category. We then advice you to inform your club, the players and the parents about your choice and about the eventual costs.  
  4. When everybody is informed and agrees, you can register your team in a very quick and simple way: you only have to register your team, indicate your club name, select your team (age group) and indicate your first and last name and leave your email + mobile number.  
    1. Within 48 hours, you will receive a reaction from the tournament organizer to  inform you with the follow-up procedures.  
  5. After the tournament organizer sent a confirmation, you will communicate directly with the tournament organizer. (by email/phone)  
  6. In case you have to pay a team fee, you will pay this fee directly to the organizer. The organizer will indicate you when this fee has to be paid.       
  7. Accommodation information; some tournament offer overnight accommodation  (the possibilities and the eventual expenses are indicated on the website and to be paid directly to the organizer), other organizers leave the choice of the accommodation to the participating teams. You can then book your accommodation on internet or via our partner,  
  8. Communication with the organizers: in case you book a tournament abroad, the communication will we done in English. This is what we advise the organizers.         
  9. In case you wish to book more than 1 team per age group, usually this is not a problem. The organizers will confirm this within 48 hours after your team registration.   
  10. In some international tournaments abroad, there are specific rules that you have to take in consideration. Especially for Italy and Great Britain, you have to ask a written permission (that your team/club is authorized to participate at the tournament) from your National Football Association and forward this document a.s.a.p. to the organizing party. Please do this in consultation with the organizer. 
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