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Tips from Foooble for tournament organizers


1.    Each tournament, small, big, national or international can register on the Foooble website for free.

2.    Your registration of your tournament on our website will only take a couple of minutes.

3.    Note that you can upload some pictures (not mandatory).  Suggestions: a logo of your tournament or of your club, your sports facilities, the atmosphere picture of the previous edition (or an action picture from one of the local teams that will participate), touristical attraction or a nice picture of your town/village.   

4. Your tournament is online without any obligation.

5.    You can indicate the level of your tournament upon registration on our website from 4* (highest level) to 1* (lowest level). Foooble advices to be not too selective as the more restrictions you enter, the less teams will register. Our advice is to select at least 2 levels. After participating for your first time, you will be able to be more specific regarding the required levels you select.

6.    You can also invite teams directly without using the Foooble website. (see at registration system: “teams already registered”).

7.    When a team has registered via Foooble, you will receive an email concerning its registration request. You will have 3 options: confirm the participation of the team, put the team on a waitlist or refuse the team. In all cases, Fooble will provice you with a default email.  

8.    Once the team leader has received their confirmation, the communication between you as organizer and the team leader will take place directly (without Foooble in between).

9.     We inform interested leaders that English is the most practical language to communicate. In case you have a registration from a leader that does not speak English, try to find a person that helps you with the language that that you have to communicate in.  

10.  A free tournament planner will be available on Foooble. This program enables you to make your tournament planning before and during the tournament automatically. This planner will be available on the website at the beginning of 2017.

11.  In case you have teams that directly with you (outside of Foooble), please register the teams on the Foooble website so that interested teams can see which teams have registered and that the tournament planner is up to date.   

12.  To increase your chances to have your tournament fully booked quickly, Foooble offers a service called “extra promotion for you”. This service provides you the possibility with our extra promotion services: your tournament will get extra attention on our website, via a newsletter sent to our subscribers and via our social media communication (facebook, twitter). For this service, you will be charged 15€ per week.

13.  During the season, you can always change the information of your tournament. The only items that we ask you not to change (especially when teams have already registered and booked) are; tournament dates, age categories. You can do this on the website by logging in and using your password.

14. Some organizers may ask for a registration fee. We advise you to keep this amount as low as possible so that your tournament is accessible to as many teams as possible. The team fee that you have to indicate on the website will be paid by the team leader DIRECTLY to your club. Please inform the team leader that registered his team how and when he has to pay this fee in an early stage.   

15.  In case you do not provide accommodation but a team requires this, Foooble proposes accommodation via the link.

16. In case teams can only participate when they book accommodation through your organization, please indicate this at the accommodation chapter when you register your tournament.

For further questions: : – Tel: (+31) 0575 728 178/ + 31 06 22 99 67 69