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Privacy- and cookie policy Foooble

Privacy- and cookie policy Foooble


This is Foooble’s privacy- and cookie policy, located at Frankensteeg 10A, 7201 KN in Zutphen/Netherlands, registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under the following number 08162350.


Usage of personal data and objectives:

The following personal data are used by Foooble while using and visiting for the following objectives:


  • While visiting our website, the following data are collected automatically: the unique identification and type of the device you are using, information about your computer and connection, statistics of the pages visited, traffic from and to, referring URL and IP-address and the information we collect using cookies. These data help us to measure the interest in our website and to improve the user experience;

  • When you register a tournament on our website and create an account to do so, we register your name, name of the organizing club, your email address, phone number and other optional personal data you share with us. We do this in order to process your request, to register your evantual payment(s) and keep you updated about its progress. Also, these data are shared with potential participants so they can contact you and/or register for your tournament;

  • In case you gave us permission to do so, we will use your name and email address to inform you about developments on the website, special offers, about tournaments that are organized near you and/or tournaments you let us know you are interested in. You can unsubscribe via a link in the subsequent mailing, in case you do not longer want to receive this information;

  • When you enter a request for a tournament registration, we save your information on a secure server. You can login using your username and password so you do not have to enter your name, your club’s name, phone number and email address every time you enter a request for a tournament registration;

  • In case you file a complaint or ask a question, we register your name and email address and optional other personal data you have entered while sending the complaint or question, in order to answer your question or handle your complaint;

  • As a result of messages or complaints, we can process information (like personal data) about (supposed) violations on intellectual property rights and/or other unlawful conduct. Besides this, we can decide to provide (personal) data to third parties, like right holders, supervisory authorities, tax authorities, justice, police and other investigating authorities, in case Foooble is required to do so based on law and regulation or in case Foooble decides to do so based on this regulations document or Foooble’s Conditions of Use.


Request and change

When you created an account, you can change your personal data after logging in. You can also delete your account.


You can contact us to see your personal data which are saved by us, but are not visible via your account. We will answer your request in case we are required to do so based on the WBP, which is the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act) within a reasonable time after you have provided us with the required documentation.


Based on the law, we can charge you for this kind of request (the exact amount is determined by law). In case your data are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant for the objectives for which we use your data, you can request to change or delete your data. We will process your request according to WBP.


Retention period

Foooble does not store your personal data longer than legally allowed. In case storing your personal data is no longer required for the goals as described in this privacy policy, they will be deleted. This will be after one year at the latest, unless you subscribed to our newsletters. In that case, your data will be stored for a longer period. All information related to the visitor and the information about using the website, will only be stored in such a way that does not make it possible to identify the visitor.



Foooble take various technical and organizational measures (like encryption, passwords, physical security) to secure personal data against loss or any form of non-authorized access, non-authorized publication or otherwise illegitimate processing. All data are stored on multiple servers in secure datacenters which are secured and monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week. Only a limited number of authorized persons have access to these servers that are physically located on various locations in The Netherlands. Your personal data are stored in an encrypted and non-readable way for unauthorized persons.


The website is protected by an encrypted connection (256-bits SSL, the browser will show as a ‘lock’-symbol) , to secure the connection between the visitor’s computer and Foooble’s servers.


The measures as noted above, guarantee an appropriate secure level, taking into account the level of technique, costs of implementation and the risks of processing of the personal data, taking into account the nature of these data. These measures are also taken to prevent collecting data unnecessarily and to prevent further distribution of personal data.



Foooble uses cookies to recognize you during your next visit. Cookies are small bits of information that are stored by your browser on your computer. This stored information can be sent back to our servers during your next visit. Cookies enable us to collect information about the way our services are used and adjust our services to our visitor’s requirements. On this website, we use both first and third party cookies.


First party cookies

First party cookies, like functional cookies, are cookies that the website installs and talks to. These are required in order to make sure the website runs properly and they do not store personal or traceable data.


Session cookies

We use session cookies to store settings and data that are applicable to you during your visit. Think about your choice of language and values stored in forms. These cookies are automatically deleted when you close the web browser.


Tracking cookies

We use tracking cookies to trace your browsing behavior.
We do this to show you personalized ads, enable you to -for example- share tournaments on the website on social media, compose interest profiles, show recommendations, do market analyses, analyze target groups and to improve navigation on the website.


These cookies are stored on your computer and when you continue browsing, some websites may recognize the cookie and show you personalized ads.


The tracking cookies store the webpages you visit, IP-addresses, contents of cookies and referring URL’s. Also, they may store which peripheral equipment you use and settings of certain software on your computer.


Third party cookies

Third party cookies are cookies of services the website uses, like some tracking cookies. Foooble uses at least the services of the parties listed below:



Google Analytics. Via our website, a cookie is stored by the American company Google, as part of the “Analytics”-service. We use this service to track how visitors use the website and to generate reports about their usage. By using Google Analytics-cookies, Foooble collects information about your computer, operating system, browser, statistics concerning which pages were visited on the website, traffic from and to the website, geographical location, the referring URL and the IP-address to measure the interest for Foooble and to improve user experience.


Foooble agreed on a Data Agreement Amendment with Google Inc. and configured Google Analytics privacy-friendly, conform the advice of the Dutch Personal Data Authority. Foooble chose to mask the last octet of the IP-address, switched off the option ‘share data’ and Foooble does not use other Google-services in combination with the Google Analytics-cookies.


Google Maps. Our website uses the Google Maps-service, which enables websites to show a geographical map. Also, routes can be calculated here. Various cookies are stored using Google Maps, such as remembering the zoom level.


Social media

On our website, buttons are placed to promote webpages or share them (“like” “tweet”, "share") on social networks like Facebook, Google+ en Twitter. These buttons work by using pieces of code supplied by Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. By using this code, cookies are stored. We have no control over this. Please read the corresponding privacy statement (which can change regularly) to read how these parties use your (personal) data they process using these cookies.






Information, collected by social media, are anonymized where possible. This information is transferred to and stored by LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ on servers in the United States.


Cookie preferences

Tracking cookies as listed above, are stored only when you agree to this in the frame at the end of this page, or by agreeing to this policy document at the moment you create an account or when you subscribe to our mailings. Your choice to give permission to store cookies, is stored by using a cookie, so you do not see the cookie message every time you visit the website. This cookie is stored for 30 days.


Without cookies, some functions may work not perfectly or not at all. Only you can delete cookies, as they are stored on your computer. Please refer to your browser’s manual to do so.


Questions or complaints

In case you have any questions about this Privacy and cookie policy by Foooble, please contact us. Our service desk will help you in case you require information about your data of in case you would like to change them. You can reach us via or +31 (0)6 22 99 67 69.


In case changes to this Privacy and cookie policy are required, you will always find the most recent version on our website. The policy was last changed on July 23rd 2019. 


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