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sv Always Forward Etos Verberne Meiden Toernooi

Edition 4 / sv Always Forward / HOORN / National

Teams Total number of teams Total already registered teams Minimum number of matches per day Total minutes per game Level
G9 6x6 8 4 3 20 min
G11 7x7 8 4 3 20 min
G13 11x11 12 6 3 25 min
G15 11x11 12 8 3 25 min
G17 11x11 12 6 3 25 min

The number of teams, matches and playing time may deviate from the above data. This depends on the final number of teams that sign up.

About this tournament

sv Always Forward Etos Verberne Meiden Toernooi is being organised by sv Always Forward and is taking place in HOORN on Saturday, June 20th 2020 for the 4th time.
Artificial pitches: 4
Total number of pitches: 4

Tournament information

About 4 weeks before the tournament takes place the exact start time will be announced for your team.

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sv Always Forward
Holenweg 4




Recreational (Basic amateur level)
Average (Average amateur level)
Sub top (Upper regional level )
Top (4th division or higher)